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by Megan Arnold

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Bread Cooking oil Nanas Cabbage Carrots Washing up liquid Soy sauce Chicken thighs or gammon Screw-in bulb max. 60w Bin bags Broccoli or spinach Bacon Cauliflower Flour Milk alternative Don't worry if you can't get all of this. I'll send you the money afterwards, plus the £18 I owe you.
Still got mopey after getting what I wanted Cried like a toddler when I didn’t get as much as I felt like I needed As much as I deserved for waiting so impatiently And sitting in the dirt And there’s a thick layer of shame encasing every bad feeling I’m an emotional being thanks to a weird upbringing I promise I won’t whine if I can stay another night I’ve been preaching good karma but get all kinds of signs And I am like that, but I don’t like that I curl up on your chest and pretend to be a cat
Thiefheart, baby, can I coax you into my bedroom? You’re a softness I can’t get from zoom I haven’t touched another person in 8 days Besides the dry hand I grazed with my fingertips Dropping off groceries Exciting but risky (I love you but it’s risky) It’s a good time for astral projection Long-distance dream visits A twenty minute walk and a wave through the window A phone call, 3, 2, 1 and go Are you watching what I’m watching? Will you call me in the morning?
I’m too socially anxious Too agoraphobic to get out But I can get down In my room My movements are as smooth as my speech, yeah It’s a state of mind So I shut the blinds And I move like an amateur fencer when I hoover the hair Up from the floor We don’t need much space, we stay indoors Do you miss the heat and the noise and the crowds and the feet on the floor? Nor do I, this is alright I’ve got the code to get in to Club Q tonight And you can dance with your dog or your pillow You can dance through the cam with your SO You can dance for the mirror or window You can leave at 11 just don’t actually leave
The power of Thiefheart is sacred I'm graced by her presence She keeps me grounded and grateful I'd rent a car, drive you home, if I could Soon this will pass But for now it feels endless, unreal, and uncertain I'm dreaming, I'm dreaming
I've got that 6:30am shift and I'm TIRED, tired, I'm tired! An indeterminate amount of time flows past Slow or fast, slow or fast, slow or fast Jan asks how my weekend was: it was the best! The minute arrives when I can hit that button Hit that button, clock out, peace out! I walk home, I walk into my home, I say MEOW to my cat I lay down for a nap Two hours later I wake up and it's dark The sun is down and somehow all my friends are in town And I have the social energy to see them all! My sis and I chill at the mall before the show And I know almost everybody there And I hug almost everybody there Oooh it feels so good to see everybody dancing Oooh it feels so good to see everybody here
Fog Lane 01:14
I'm loneliest in the middle of the afternoon When the sun seeps through the slats of my new room And I'm reminded that I don't know when I'll see any of you again I go birdwatching alone but still talk to you As I document the growing the geese and coots The two girls in the park reassured me that getting shit on by a bird is lucky
I can point at my money plant and laugh and make it laugh with me I can bend my knees and fold my body and see through the glamour I can feel what you're feeling in your stomach I can feel my skin settle like dough And there's nothing I'd like more than to hop into a taxi and hand-deliver katsudon to you and your beloved family I licked a stamp with my sticky noodle pangolin tongue, stuffed the letter into the capsule on Thiefheart's collar Waving, I know where to find you
Crossing that bridge when I get to it Isn't working for me now I need plans to hold me together I could just jump out the window Hit the ground and be back where I belong This home ain't home if I gotta be alone This temporal passing's got no structure And I'm feeding off hope for the future I'm living for it It's not the same view every day It's a day that doesn't stop It goes on and on and on and on and on


Quick fun songs made on GarageBand during lockdown about food, touch starvation, loneliness, good animals, and bedroom dancing.


released May 29, 2020


all rights reserved



Megan Arnold Guelph, Ontario

fka Shhh (2013-2019)

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